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Many of us have started writing on the Blogger platform when this was extremely confusing, incomplete and where one could select the color of our blog unable to accurately define how we wanted things look. It has always been treated in a mostly static platform that does not invite the user (who usually does not know much formated), to modify and customize your blog to make it more or less visually appealing user who visits.

But things were changing, users were trained and the same Blogger was adapted to the needs of those who used it, slowly yes, but in the end with some basic knowledge today we can customize a template enough to that will not be a horror to look at.

Personally never liked me designs that brings the system think it has many wasted spaces and how to explain it, it is as if they were facts to note that run under Blogger, which is not necessarily bad, but it is great for example in comment system today been replaced by those of Google and may incorporate Disqus for those who want it.

On the other hand, and following the unstable price of the dollar in our country and therefore the value of some domains and hostings, it is likely that many users who previously maintained their own site, again inclined to free platforms, finding in Blogger ally, either by familiarity or because they have used in the past or because taking WordPress is one of the best despite their instrumental cons.

For those who are looking to implement modern in their own alternatives blogger sites, a number of customizable templates that will be of great help to them. The only big problem with them is that, in almost all cases, whether or must edit the code to ensure that everything is as it should as many menus and functional issues need to be edited from there. Not a big problem and they can use their editor friend as they have always done in WordPress or sites in HTML, but you have to take this into account when choosing it and know where to look for things for which the template is not broken . Especially because they are usually very sensitive to the issue.

Compiled Responsive Template for Blogger
I do not want to scare them with the theme of the issue, ideally try them and see if you have good response to its content and if failures can be addressed through the implementation of widgets that are often helpful in these cases. Once they have finished, hardly notice the difference with any other template that supports in related platforms that require our own server space and also may have a customizable version to resolutions.

Download Metro Classic Responsive | View Demo | Templateism

Download Pro News | View Demo | SEOBloggerTemplates

Download Siril | View Demo | BlogTipsNTricks

Download Flat UI | View Demo | BTemplates

Free Blogger Templates responsive

Download Moveism | View Demo | Templateism

Free Blogger Templates responsive
Download Moksha | View Demo | SEOBloggerTemplates

free responsive blogger template
Download Ravia | View Demo | BlogTipsNTricks

free responsive blogger template
Download Journey | View Demo | Templateism

free responsive blogger template
Download SEO Mag | View Demo | SEOBloggerTemplates

Download Zett | View Demo | BlogTipsNTricks

free responsive blogger template
Download Gagism | View Demo | Templateism

Download Blue Blog | View Demo | SEOBloggerTemplates

free responsive blogger template
Download Wizz | View Demo | BlogTipsNTricks

Download Red hood | View Demo | Templateism

free responsive blogger template
Download Professional Blogging | View Demo | SEOBloggerTemplates

There are also some premium versions that can be of better assistance as they tend to have assistance from the creators, that will easily see it in the download slots as always the price of the option premium is added. But if you have some basic knowledge about CSS layout and how these templates work, you will have no trouble adapting to your blog.

Know that there are none of these templates that requires no edited, since the nature of Blogger so accurate, but ultimately, always remember to back up before implementing any changes, to avoid losing information

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